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It’s a new kind of cosmetic procedure available, that doesn’t require injecting any acids, fat or toxins into the body. The main ingredient in this wrinkle – removing procedure is a patient’s own blood.

Using a small sample of your own blood, we can extract the most powerful healing properties your body produces. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP), provides the foundation for a solution loaded with growth factor, naturally occurring chemicals and hormones that foster tissue rejuvenation. Once injected under the damaged areas, your body takes care of the rest. The weakened tissue that leads wrinkles and hollow spots is refueled; deficiencies disappear. And your appearance is restored to reflect how youthful you really feel.

Patients who don’t want or need fillers can benefit from PRP to improve fine lines and improve the way their skin looks and feels. Think of PRP treatment as a NATURAL alternative to fillers. Your body is creating the corrections desired. Areas ideal for stand-alone PRP therapy include:

  • Full Face (when no filler needed)
  • Neck (especially horizontal necklace lines)
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Under the eye Fine Wrinkles
  • Acne Scars

Such an advanced treatment may sound time-consuming, but we’ve mastered the process. It’s actually something we can do on your lunch break, all in the comfort of our office. After just a couple weeks, the injection and your body will be working together to make you look years younger. And since this treatment has long-lasting effects, you’ll avoid frequent trips to our office. In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to schedule appointments is something none of us mind avoiding.


If you are ready to get back a little of what Mother Nature has taken away, we can help. Advanced Laser Body care is the provider of skincare solutions. In keeping with our state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to bring you FDA-approved dermal fillers JUVÉDERM® andRESTYLANE®.

Healthy young skin contains collagen that gives it volume, flexibility and strength. The loss of elasticity and volume results in the wrinkles, facial lines and skin laxity that rob your skin of its youthful appearance. Wrinkle fillers, like JUVÉDERM® and RESTYLANE®, can help you welcome back your own natural collagen to smooth out the signs of aging. Not only will you look younger today, but since results may last up to a year or more in many clients, you will enjoy long lasting results, as well.

JUVÉDERM® replaces volume and smooth’s facial wrinkles – immediately.

RESTYLANE® is filler that restores collagen for lasting results.

Whether you’re looking to plump lips, erase smoker’s lines, fill out under-eye hollows, or accentuate cheekbones; our experienced Skincare Professionals will create the perfect skincare program without surgery or recovery downtime.

Every face tells a story, and you’re grateful for each chapter. But while you’d never erase the memories, there is something you can do about the lines and wrinkles that life leaves behind, find out if BOTOX® is right for you. With proven, noticeable results, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons why BOTOX® has been chosen by millions of women, men and their medical professionals.

Whether you’d like to look younger, or maybe just look less tired, our Skincare Professionals will work with you to determine the best treatment option, to get the best results. BOTOX® offers a simple, non-surgical solution to help you look younger, and and treat wrinkles, crow’s feet or frown lines that you wish you didn’t have.

MakeUp Services

Our personal makeup services are for all the big events in a girl’s life. From weddings, engagement parties and milestone birthdays to school formals, debs and graduations, your best features can be transformed and enhanced for any special occasion. We can also host teenage makeup and makeover parties, and offer one-on-one tutorials in the basics of makeup artistry.

Bridal MakeUp

Whether you are a modern bride wanting the latest contemporary makeup style for your wedding, or if you prefer the popular minimalist natural look, we can create any style you desire with our collaborative approach to makeup artistry.

Using references from bridal and fashion magazines, together we will come up with the perfect look to suit your wedding theme and personality and highlight your best facial features.


Aleksandra Waibel

Aleksandra Waibel have over 10 years of professional makeup experience in: bridal, beauty, fashion, stage, print, TV, and special FX makeup. Aleksandra is a licensed cosmetologist, Spray tan technician and airbrush makeup specialist. Her experience as a makeup artist has been varied, ranging from work for weddings and every day client, to TV shows, high fashion photo shoots and Haunted houses.

Aleksandra graduated from Excel Academies of Cosmetology, and obtained her aesthetics license. She’s been trained by a Christian Dior makeup specialists, and certified by TEMPTU airbrush brand. Aleksandra attended countless amounts of makeup workshops and makeup shows.

Aleksandra is highly creative and she view faces as her artistic canvas. She makes sure to not to repeat herself and customize individual makeup, for each of her client.

Katarzyna Vigneau

Katarzyna Vigneau has completed training at Ono Make-up School where she received a Certificate of Completion. She was trained by The One and Only Priscilla Ono – the professional make-up artist id Iggy Azalea, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and many more!

Born, raised and educated in Poland, Kat was trained in European makeup technique from an early age. Coming to the US to study in 2006, she rounded out her background by studying design.

As a professional makeup artist, Kat gained wide-ranging experience, including fashion shows, photo schools, TV exposures, and her area of specialization, wedding and bridal party makeup design and application.

Whether you are contemplating European technique design or traditional approach to looking your absolute best on this important day, you owe it to yourself to speak with Kat about drawing attention to your most outstanding features!



Eliminates superficial pigmented and vascular marks, evens out your skin color and reduces tiny broken blood vessels. Achieve complete skin rejuvenation using three technologies in just sixty days. Skin Rejuvenation treatments stimulate new collagen to grow which improves your skin’s texture and tone. Rejuvenation treatments are safe, comfortable and effective without injections, surgery or down time. You can expect your skin to be somewhat flushed after the treatment.

At New Look Laser Medical, professionals recommend a four-step Skin Rejuvenation approach to improve texture and appearance while restoring healthy, youthful skin:

Skin Rejuvenation – suitable for your face, neck, decollate, hands, and arms, treatments use the most advanced light therapy techniques to revitalize your skin and even skin tone. The treatment is quick, non-invasive and you’ll have zero downtime – Skin Tightening – a non-invasive. By stimulating healthy collagen, the skin tightening process firms sagging skin and fills in wrinkles at your jaw line, eye area, mouth and cheeks.